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Living in the desert, it’s pretty common to have dings, chips, and cracks in our windshields. After all, there are rocks everywhere. And for every car with a chip, there seem to be just as many auto glass service companies looking to get your business. How do you choose?

Some Phoenix auto glass companies will offer you something free if you get your windshield replaced with them. That freebie could be anything from a gift card to a steak. Sure, it’s nice to get something free, but how’s the auto glass service? That’s where Crystal Clear View Glass differentiates ourselves from the competition.

Phx Auto Glass Services we provide include:

  • Chipped windshield repair
  • Scratched and nicked window repair
  • Cracked windshield repair
  • Windshield replacement
  • Side window and rear window replacement
  • Mirror repair and placement
  • Mobile, onsite service
  • 24-hour emergency service

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Auto Glass Service with Integrity

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Since most drivers in Arizona have full glass coverage as part of our insurance, we don’t even think about the auto glass service we use. Typically, we call the insurance company, where the agent directs us to their “preferred” vendor. But did you know that almost all Phoenix glass companies are approved by most auto insurance companies?

At Crystal Clear View Glass, we know that your car is more than just a mode of transportation. And we know that your safety matters, whether the glass that needs repair or replacement is on your car, a family member’s, or a company vehicle. We respond quickly, we use premium-quality materials, and we act with integrity every time.

What does integrity mean to us? It means that we’re:

  • Honest
  • Charge a reasonable price
  • Follow through on our promises
  • Take responsibility for our mistakes—and fix them

Do You Need a Auto Glass Repair or Replacement?

Many times, if the crack or chip is noticed early, we can repair it. In many instances, once the repair is complete, you won’t even be able to tell where the crack or chip was. A simple way to determine if you will need a repair or replacement is to measure the damage. If it’s smaller than a dollar bill, it can be repaired. Larger and the glass will need to be replaced.

Sometimes, vehicle owners prefer to have the glass replaced, even when it can be repaired. We will do what you prefer, but remember that insurance may not cover the cost of a replacement when a repair is sufficient.

Signs That You Need Your Windshield Replaced

How can you tell the difference between a windshield that needs auto glass repair and one that needs windshield replacement? The best way to determine this is to ask your insurance agent or Phoenix auto glass company; however, there are a few signs that often indicate you may need windshield replacement.

When a chipped or cracked windshield obscures your view, it is a serious safety hazard that increases your risk of an accident. Thus, chips and cracks that occur in the glass that falls in the driver’s direct line of view typically require windshield replacement to address.

When cracks, chips, and other types of damage occur near the edges of your windshield, they can affect the structural integrity of the entire piece of glass. This is a significant safety hazard and requires that the windshield be replaced rather than simply repaired.

Long, complex cracks, cracks that affect the interior of the windshield, or multiple chips and other issues that have built up on the windshield typically suggest that you’ll need complete windscreen replacement. Additionally, cracks that have accumulated debris are typically not repairable, and you’ll need to have your windshield replaced instead.

Insurance Coverage for Auto Glass Service

In most cases, your auto insurance will cover auto glass repair and replacement, whether the damage was caused by rocks, accident, vandalism, or theft. You will probably call your insurance agent first to ensure the repair or replacement is covered. At that point, they will ask you if you have a preferred auto glass service. If not, they will refer you to their “preferred” vendor.

Remember that you do have a choice which company you use for your auto glass needs. When you choose Crystal Clear View Glass, you know that you’re hiring a reliable, reputable, and honest company. Rest easy with us.

The Process of Auto Glass Replacement

When you come to us for an auto glass installation (typically a windshield), one of our skilled technicians will take the following steps:

  • Completely remove the damaged glass
  • Choose the correct glass according to the manufacturer’s recommendation
  • Install new glass using premium materials, including primers and adhesives
  • Clean up any broken glass, either inside or outside of the vehicle
  • Tell you about specific aftercare to ensure your new windshield or glass cures correctly

We offer mobile auto glass service, so we will come to you, whether at home or work. This completely eliminates downtime and travel time for you. And we offer a lifetime warranty on manufacturers’ defects and our workmanship. That means you never have to worry about your auto glass service. At Crystal Clear View Glass, we truly believe that quality matters. As a family-owned and -operated company, we serve clients Valley-wide.

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Chipped, cracked, or shattered auto glass may impair your vision and make your vehicle susceptible to theft. Small chips and cracks can spread quickly—especially in our Arizona heat—so you want to take care of them as soon as possible. When the crack is smaller than a dollar bill, it can be repaired; larger requires a replacement.
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