A Dirty Jobs Thats Worth The Effort

Some people don’t realize that regular maintenance of your home is important. Maintaining your home is hard work, and it's easy to fall behind on tasks. But it can save you large costly repair bills in the future by performing a little maintenance regularly. Also, you may find that as you keep up on maintenance and how to complete it effectively, it becomes a much less challenging task.

The professionals at Crystal Clear View Glass have a monthly and Fall home maintenance checklist below to help you stay on track:

Monthly Maintenance Checklist

  • Clean Out the Kitchen Sink Disposal
    Keeping your sink disposal maintained is such an important part of home maintenance. It is easy enough to do, and the task of fixing future problems due to not maintaining it consume a frustrating amount of effort by comparison. The best solution for cleaning out your disposal is to run vinegar ice cubes through it. This freshens the disposal and sharpens the blades.
  • Inspect Your Fire Extinguishers
    Make sure your fire extinguishers are easy to access and that all gauges have the appropriate amount of pressure. In case of an emergency, you will want both your fire alarms and your fire extinguishers to be functioning properly to protect you and your home from danger. 
  • Inspect HVAC Filters
    It's not necessary to change your filters every month, especially if you have a small family and don't own any pets. Each month, make sure to inspect your filter and only replace if it's necessary. You may find that vents need to be cleaned sometimes as they can accumulate a lot of lint.

Quarterly Fall Maintenance Checklist

  • Drain Water from Outdoor Faucets and Garden Hoses
    By simply draining your hose, you can minimize the damage of freezing temperatures. Especially for residents in the Northern regions of Arizona (and temperatures can reach freezing in the winter even in Phoenix!), avoiding damage from water freezing can save you a lot of costly, inconvenient repairs.
  • Insulate Pipes Outside Your Home and in Unheated Garages and Basements
    Don't let frozen pipes ruin your day! These are much more trouble and money to repair and replace once they have been broken than they are to simply protect ahead of time. You won't want to neglect them!
  • Clean Your Chimney and Fireplace
    Avoid any fire-related problems during the winter by cleaning your chimney and fireplace, or by hiring a professional to inspect them. This one is particularly messy, but there are a number of dangers to allowing chimneys and fireplaces to remain covered in soot and ash.

 Biannually Maintenance Checklist

  • Deep Clean Your Home
    Twice a year, it's important that you invest time into giving your house a deep clean. Make sure to include appliances, furniture and windows in your cleaning projects checklist. Living in a clean house will keep you healthier and happier!
  • Test Your Water Heater Pressure Relief Valve
    It's important to prevent the buildup of corrosion on your valves to safeguard you from leaks and keep your heater running more efficiently.
  • Clean Your Vacuum Refrigerator Coils
    Your refrigerator can use up to 25 percent of your home's power, so it is important to keep it running as efficiently as possible. After an extended time, the coils collect dirt and dust, which causes your fridge to use more energy. This easy task can save you up to $100 each year!

 Window Maintenance

Are windows on your seasonal home maintenance checklist? Windows can be pricey to replace, especially if you have more than one that needs attention, but are well worth the investment if your windows are in bad shape. Experts estimate that 70 percent of energy loss in your home occurs through windows and doors. If your heating and cooling bills are high and you have failing windows, now's the time to invest in quality replacement windows.

However, if your windows are in decent shape, there are preventative measures you can take to make sure your windows last longer.

  • Follow the manufacturer's recommendations. This is extremely important if you have real wood windows. Wood windows can rot if not taken care of properly. Regular sanding, staining and sealing may be required.
  • Regularly clean your windows. This includes cleaning the sills, tracks, glass and screens. Inspect all weep holes to ensure water can drain properly outside.
  • Regularly inspect locks and overall operation of the windows to ensure they are in good working order.

Well, there you have it! We hope this list helps you keep up on your home maintenance, and saves you on some costly repairs. As much as we love visiting to repair your house's glass feature, we want to offer some free advice and techniques you can do cheaply on your own to keep the costs of home maintenance to a minimum.

We understand that even when a home and its glass features are well-maintained, at some point they may still be in need of repairs or replacing, and you may encounter unfortunate accidents causing you to need a glass service. When you do need glass repairs or replacements, remember to give us a call at 602-224-7900. After all you are part of the Crystal Clear View Family!

Whether working with businesses or individuals, everyone at Crystal Clear View Glass puts people first. It starts with Brandon, who hires self-directed professionals and empowers them to make a difference in every interaction. That culture is pervasive, from the team member who answers your call to the installer who expertly completes your glass project.