3 Benefits Of Sun Shades

To Shade Or Not Too Shade: Benefits of Sun Shades

If you own a home near Phoenix, Arizona, you’ve experienced the effects of the sun blasting heat into your home. Even if your interior shades or draperies block light, they don’t stop heat from coming through the windows. This is because the sunlight has already had the chance to hit the window and increase the inside temperature.

According to Salt River Project, nearly 50% of the heat that enters your home comes thru your windows. Sunscreens are an affordable and effective way to increase your home’s energy efficiency. SRP also states that, by adding sunscreens to your sun struck windows, your utility bill can be positively affected by up to 25%.

We know that Arizona residents pay a particularly high price to keep the temperatures in their homes regulated during the extreme heat prevalent throughout most of the year, particularly in the Phoenix area. Any technology that cuts down the use of energy and helps to regulate your home's temperature more efficiently will be a huge money-saving opportunity and a worthwhile investment for you.

What Factors Make Sun Shades Work Well?

If you live in Arizona, you've likely noticed a lot of people using shades on their home and business windows, and you've probably noticed hundreds of different types of shades! What distinguishes sun shades, and what factors tend to make them more effective? How should you go about prioritizing shade features for sun screens of your own?

The function of a sun screen is to prevent UV rays from ever reaching your windows. With today’s products and technology in screens you can greatly reduce the heat gain through windows which is the highest contributor to heat gain in most homes. Sun screens work in 3 ways:

Shading efficiency: the amount of shade created between the screen and exterior pane of glass. A good sun shade will give you a substantial space of shade and protect most of, if not all of the surface of your windows. 

Reflectivity: the ability of the screen to reflect the sun’s rays away from the window, which keeps heat from touching the glass. Lighter colors on shades will tend to reflect light and thus heat away from your home, and different materials will also vary in their ability to reflect this heat from the sun.

Absorption: the heat that is absorbed into and held in by the screen material and then dispersed back into the air and away from the glass. Typically, a shade that is darker in color is more likely to become absorbed into the shade. Depending on the material used, the amount of heat absorption can also vary as well as the shade's ability to keep that absorbed heat off of your home.

As an added bonus, Sun screens also work to prevent insects from entering home if you keep your windows open during the Valley’s beautiful spring and fall months. Arizona residents often want to embrace these nicer temperatures and the outdoor air, and the bugs that find their way inside (especially during the spring) can be a major annoyance. the best sun shades can work to block out the bugs too.

Let Us Help You Sun Screen Your Windows!

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