The Monsoon and Your Car

Happy August!! This is such a crazy month in the Valley of the Sun! The kids are heading back to school, vacations are now memories, and our Monsoon Season is upon us.

What is Monsoon season in Arizona?

A monsoon is caused by warm air creating surface low pressure zones. These pressure zones draw moist air from nearby oceans. Arizona winds usually come from the west, but shift to a south-eastern wind during the summer, bringing moisture, most often from the gulf of Mexico or the gulf of California.

The wind shift and increase in moisture combine with the lower pressure near the surface from the desert heat to produce storms in a cycle of “bursts” (periods of heavier rainfall) and “breaks” (periods of reduced rainfall). Before the downpour, the wind shift can cause dust storms known as  haboobs, Arizona's characteristic loose swirling clouds of dust several hundred feet high. Arizona monsoon windshield and car damage is a common problem for Arizona residents, and taking time to prepare for the strong winds, hail, and rain of the seasons and avoid damage or danger from extreme storms is absolutely crucial. 

With the monsoon season arriving, so do the numerous damages to cars. The heavy rain and dust can eventually take its toll on your car. The hood and the roof of a car are the most vulnerable parts that can get damaged from a monsoon storm. Most modern vehicles are made of tempered windshield glass, but they can still break or crack in a heavy hail storm.

The monsoon season in Arizona starts around June and ends in September, the peak of the storms happening right now! This is when Arizona experiences half of its total annual rainfall. Your car likely already takes a beating from the destructive properties of sunlight and severe heat. Strong winds and rain contribute a handful of other sources of Arizona monsoon vehicle damage and risk from extreme storms to your safety and investments. When the storms come, they can worsen the effects from previous damage to your vehicle, or their destruction can be sudden and disastrous, ruining a brand-new windshield or car. 

Unfortunately, you can’t prevent extreme storms from occurring, but you can prepare yourself and your vehicle for when they do come. A lot of car damage and road accidents from extreme storms like monsoons and haboobs can be avoided by keeping an eye on weather reports, having a garage or covering to protect your car, and preparing yourself to face any emergency storm situations well in advance.

Avoiding Danger and Storm Damage

To avoid this type of damage, there are a variety of options to take. The first and foremost is to find a cover for your vehicle. A garage, car port, or an awning is a good option as it protects the vehicle against hail storms. If you are in transit at the time, you must make sure you leave the road and drive to the nearest available cover.

Arizona monsoon vehicle damage can be some of the worst and most sudden vehicle damage from severe storms one can find in any climate. These strong winds, hail, and rain cause significant stress on your auto glass and windshield. Monsoon rainstorms are simply not just normal storms. These storms are powerful and incredibly dangerous to drive in, being a major cause of vehicle accidents in the region. The winds during a monsoon also sometimes reach up to 70 mph. During a storm like this, you may experience enormous stones of hail, which can puncture your car and especially break your glass. That's a lot of damage!

Waiting out the storm somewhere safe is not always possible though as you buffer between the hail storms and your car. In this situation, you can use a thick blanket or a floor mat to cover the windshield of the car. By protecting the windshield, you will prevent the glass from shattering or cracking.

Preparing in advance for storms does not mean you jeopardize your personal safety. If you are caught out in a storm, it can be very dangerous. Poor visibility and flooded roads are just some of the dangerous situations that you can get caught in. Sometimes it is not possible to protect the car’s glass from storm damage. So, in such emergencies, call your family to let them know that you are safe and you will be delayed.

What to do when Your Vehicle Takes a Hit

We have to applaud your bravery for choosing to live in Arizona's harsh and sometimes unpredictable desert climate. Although monsoons and storms can pose liability dangers to you and your assets, you have made your home in this community and found benefits worth reaping to spend a significant portion of your life in this state. We want to make sure you know that resources are readily available to you if you encounter complications from monsoons and need a trustworthy source to turn to in case of weather emergencies affecting your vehicle.

If you have experienced damage to your vehicle due to a storm (particularly windshield or window damage), we would like to help you repair your auto glass quickly and cost-effectively. We intend to take all necessary steps to ensure your costs are covered as well as possible, and that you do not experience delay in getting the issues thoroughly fixed.

Then give Crystal Clear View Glass a call at 602-224-7900. We can help you call your insurance company and file a Windshield claim. We help you every step of the way, from filing your claim, to replacing your windshield and getting you out on the road again.

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